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Bucket Elevators & Hoppers

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We provide a wide range of Bucket Elevators, from recognized US manufacturers.

The vertical bucket conveyors are especially indicated for agricultural, chemicals, mining, industrial, processing, or grating bulk transportation where high capacities of material need to be handled.
Bucket Elevators are used to carry bulk raw material and grams where continuous material flow would be required.
The expertise and engineering are critical parts when Bucket Elevators are included in a project.

Available Features / Options:

  • Custom Engineered for Your Specific Application
  • Wide Range of Construction Materials – Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel and Abrasion-Resistant Alloys
  • Bucket Material and Style Chosen Based on Material Characteristics
  • Plastic or Metal Buckets
  • Completely Enclosed for Dust-Tight Operation

Available Configurations:  Centrifugal Type Bucket Elevator,  Continuous Gravity Type Bucket Elevator,  Heavy-Duty Bucket Elevator and Light-Duty Bucket Elevator.



Engineered and tailored under strict requirements of each application, HYTEC Engineering manufactures all kind of sizes and shapes, cubic, cylindrical, V design, multiple.
We can combine this equipment with vibration screens, screw conveyors, bulk conveyors, bucket elevators, redlers, etc.