Hytec Engineering Systems

About us

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HYTEC Engineering Systems, is an International Material Handling Equipment supplier, result of decades of experience serving many of the world’s major companies, providing always a comprehensive and affordable approach of the material flow matter; working along technicians and engineers all across the American Continent.
The combination between Material Handling Engineering & Logistics Strategy, represents “The Master key” of our business concept, and simultaneously a decisive tool for our customers successful….

Throughout some world’s leading manufacturers, HYTEC Engineering Systems distribute a wide line of equipment covering a vast diversity of industries and activities, such as: Agriculture, Airports, Mining, Construction, Chemicals, Oil Companies, Pharmaceutical, Automotive, Food & Beverage, and Warehousing, among many other business areas. We provide the following professional services:

  • Custom Engineering Design
  • Logistic Flow Analysis & Planning
  • Control Management & Software Integration
  • Brand new & Refurbished MH Equipment.
  • Ensembles & disassembles
  • Technical Service & Spare parts